Soccer Nations

Explore the soccer nations of the world in this globe-trotting GPS activity

1 - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


In Soccer Nations, just like the World Cup, teams compete to score as many "goals" as possible in the available time. Kick Off! Teams select a country flag on the map and follow the Go Team GPS arrow to its location. Whack! Reaching their destination triggers challenges related to a specific World Cup team's country. You don't have to be a football fanatic to enjoy this activity – the challenges are diverse, exploring cuisine, general knowledge, and of course, a soccer question. The harder the challenge, the more "goals" the team earns for a successful answer. Huddle Time! Teams choose whether to stay and answer more challenges or move to another location and complete challenges related to a different country for more goals! Teams can also boost their goal count by completing fun bonus photo challenges. The Whistle blows! Time to get the results or take part in an optional penalty shootout with a difference.

Learning Outcomes

Soccer Nations is an enjoyable team bonding activity that gets participants out and about, discovering the world's Soccer nations. It’s a powerful way to develop collaboration and trust, improve motivation and encourage people to focus on what they have in common. Limited time and a collective goal encourage participants to learn to work together effectively, make collective decisions, play to strengths, reduce duplication of effort and ultimately explore working together efficiently. Players leave the game refreshed and energised, knowing more about each other and the world's soccer nations.

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